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D44 in a CJ

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I'm going to put a Dana 44 in the rear of my CJ-7. I'm looking for a 58-60" 5 on 5.5 axle. A buddy of mine has one from a Quadra-trac Waggy that is 5 on 5.5 and the perfect width. He said I could have it for nothing if I wanted it. My question is... can I use that offset rearend with a Dana 300? Can the stock drivesshaft handle it or would I need a CV driveshaft for the compound angle? Even then, will the compound angle wear out the driveshaft quickly? My other two choices are to find a 44 out of a Scout or I can get a 9" from an EB. What to do? Thanks.

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older waggys had 5 on 5 1/2....maybe pre 1974?? not sure.
Will may be on to something, if it's from a Willys wagon the spring pad will only be 1.75" wide. Maybe from a Willys P.U. ....wider WMS-WMS and spring pad but can't remember the figures right now.

As far as the angle thing a search for these threads,(sorry no time to link them right now)....
Search... #1 javajeeper 11/14/02 ''compound driveshaft angles?'' This is where Will straightened me out on this subject.
Search... #2 cjcrawler 5/17/02 ''Rear driveline side angle, how much is too much?'' Will helping out again.
Search... #3 Will 11/02/99 ''compound u-joint angles'' cjdave helping out Will...

IIRC all these threads had links to other threads putting the whole thing into perspective.

Will: I can't believe you didn't jump on the angle thing. (not ribbing you, just surprised,,,,,,, thanks for your help in the past)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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