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I am going to be putting a D44 in the front of my 1985 CJ7 wide track! I am going to get the axle from a old narrow track 1976-79 Jeep Wagoneer. I do not want to move my front springs so I am wondering if the long side axle shaft (drivers side) from a Scout will fit a Shortened Wagoneer Axle? Or is the long side of a Scout the same length as the long side of a Wagoneer? I guess I could just use a Scout axle but it has no caster! Thanks:

Rodney C
1985 CJ7,302 V8,T18,D20,SOA,Shackles Reversed, 35" BFG AT's, Fiberglass Tub & Front End...
1990 Samurai,87 drive line,SOA+2.5" Add-A-Leaf,4.16's,5.12's,Pony Carb...

If you have the narrow waggy 44, the only difference between it and a scout is approx. 1/4 inch!!! You can put a scout long in a waggy, but not a waggy in a scout..Well, you can, but you have to cut that extra off to make it!! If you dont want to outbaord the springs,I think you only have to have the one side cut down...Moser is tha answer to that!!

It's as close to a 1ton as it can get and still be a jeep!!! Gotta love it!!
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