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D35 in a CJ-7

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My friend just totalled his '92 Wrangler (I can't believe what the tree did to this Jeep!), and the only salvageable part on the truck is the newly rebuilt D35. Though I'm not thrilled with this rear, he is a friend in $$$$ need, so I was gonna help him out and pick up the rear relatively cheap. Will it bolt directly into my CJ-7, and will the front carrier also bolt right in?

We are in the process of assessing ther damage to try and salvage good parts. If anyone needs a weird or hard to find part, let me know.

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Why would you want a D35 in a CJ7. Your Model 20 with one piece axles is tons stronger than the puny D35. Also, I do
believe the D35 is slightly wider.

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i totally and whole heartedly agree with brad.. DO NOT put a dana 35 under anthing bigger than a go-cart
if you insist.. make sure the gear ratios are the same.. actally... just don't do it!

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
It would compare it the mechanical mal practice equivelant, of putting a bad heart into a patient, just because you had an extra one lying around. The 20 on the other hand is well worth upgrading. Besides the hard core CJ guys would never let you live it down, you would be an outcast, nothing good could come from it. Gloom and Doom all the way.
I dont think it would be a good idea.

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If you can get the D35 cheap--go ahead and try it. Just remember it is back there and take it easy on hard surfaces. If you run in mud -- no worries. I have a d35 with a v8--300 hp--4.11 gears for over a year and no problems yet. But I never punch it from a dead start on pavement. But I also do not rock climb. It is flat here with a lot of mud. By the way do you have the plastic black piece that attaches to the inside of the rear tailgate covering the metal slide mechanism for the gate??

Thanks for the replies folks, I'm fully aware that the D35 is not the rear of choice, but the truck is fairly stock, Long Island is flat, the rear in my CJ hasn't been touched since it came out of the factory, my friend sunk $1000 a month ago into rebuilding his rear, and he just lost his pride and joy to a tree. So if I could pick it up for $200 let's say, would it be a fairly easy swap? No rock climbing here, just some beach sand that my last 2 Wranglers handled with no problem. I'll find out about the piece on the tailgate, it should be there, the tailgate is the only part not bent!

My question is what are you gaining besides a lighter wallet? I can see helping a friend, but it sounds like a waste of time and money. Hell, just give your friend the $200 and tell him to keep the rearend. That would cost you less in the long run.

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