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I thought the "pumpkin" was the only thing that was cast iron on a Dana 30. I'm getting close to pulling the front axle and setting the caster and pinion angle. I know everybody says to use the "high nickle" rod, but if the yokes are steel, shouldn't I just use regular welding rod?

What's the best way to tell what's cast iron, and what is steel? I've been told that a magnet won't stick to cast iron. Is this 100%? Or is there something else that I should know.

I'm not welding the tubes at the pumkin, so I think this is just steel on steel. Moving the spring perches seems pretty straight forward. But I'm really perplexed with the yokes.....


I'm pretty sure they are cast steel, I quit using nickle rod and just use the mig with standard wire on almost everything. I would pre-heat it though. I welded mine with the mig. no problems. I can't remember how to check if it's cast iron.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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