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custom snorkel

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On my 89' YJ 4 banger, I took the air cleaner cover plate assembly off the throttle body and glued the mounting plate to the bottom of an 8x8x6" PVC box. Then I used a drill and router to cut a hole in the bottom of the PVC box using the glued in place mounting plate as a guide. After drilling, I simply broke the mounting plate off the PVC box (I didn't use very strong glue specificly for that purpose)
To complete the project I will drill a 2-1/2" hole into the pvc box then use RTV to seal the box to the Throttle body. 2-1/2" sealtight will be run from the box, through the firewall and up to the roll bar to another PVC box containing a K&N filter.


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My 02. I dont know anybody who runs their snorkel all the way up the roll bar. We run 3" flexible RV drain tubing (WalMart) and cut the hole in the dash just above the battery. Once your under the dash and sealed up, you'll have a very hard time bringing moisture into your filter. You could probably out a small (6inch) filter inside your pvc box, run it through the fire wall and be done. It should work fine either way, keep it simple and failures will be minimal.
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