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custom snorkel

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On my 89' YJ 4 banger, I took the air cleaner cover plate assembly off the throttle body and glued the mounting plate to the bottom of an 8x8x6" PVC box. Then I used a drill and router to cut a hole in the bottom of the PVC box using the glued in place mounting plate as a guide. After drilling, I simply broke the mounting plate off the PVC box (I didn't use very strong glue specificly for that purpose)
To complete the project I will drill a 2-1/2" hole into the pvc box then use RTV to seal the box to the Throttle body. 2-1/2" sealtight will be run from the box, through the firewall and up to the roll bar to another PVC box containing a K&N filter.


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My snorkel runs outside the driver's rear corner of the hood (I just cut that corner out to fit the PVC pipe) and up the windshield frame. The semi-conical K&N hose-clamps to the top of the pipe, right above the soft-top channel.

I'd go under water before it does, which I consider a safety feature. I've submereged the Jeep up to my chest, so locating the intake under the dash wouldn't do much good.
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