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Hi folks!
First time poster here, and with any luck soon to be proud owner of a Unimog U1300l for expedition camper conversion. I have a question for any Mog owners who have fitted custom boxes for camper conversions, or done similar to other truck chassis'. I have some CAD diagrams for a bespoke GRP/Plywood boxbody for the back of a unimog, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar body constructed, and how much roughly did it cost you? I'm UK-based, but i'd be interested to hear any info from those not in the UK as well, just so i can have some rough ideas before I enter proper negotiations with a manufacturer. Any help appreciated, Cheers


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Unimog Camper Box Body

Hi Simon
Getting a custom body built for a Unimog could cost anything between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds depending on the spec - prices quickly add up with solar panels, heaters , windows , ovens etc.
I have some pictures of my 1300L and an info sheet I can send you - contact me on <[email protected]>
FYI my Mog is for sale Euro 32,000, 1986, OM352A 168hp, Right hand drive, sleeps two, shower, toilet, kitchen, solar panels, generator, moped - too much to mention here. Have a look at:
Unimog Camper, 1986 1300L, Located Tanzania - The HUBB


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