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CTO hose routing

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I'm the 432nd owner of an 83 CJ-7 with 258, w/ carter BBD, without the comp. on the back of the carb.

I'm trying to figure out the routing of the hose from my CTO swicth...

Right now, I've got EVERY port on my CTO plugged. I believe that most of the vaccuum and EGR controls have been disposed of by the last owner.

Looking in the engine bay, I can't find most of the required pieces.(TVS, chk vlvs., acel/decel sol., etc.)

All I've got is my canister(w/ the 4 hoses), CTO switch, and EGR(which may not be working)

Here is an attempted diagram....

____________Intake Manifold_______________
.. <CTO Switch

Let's call the CTO ports: 1
2 3
4 5

What is the bare minimum of vaccuum hoses required to run properly and efficiantly?

Thanks for reading,

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On the diagram, what is the part marked "M", just under the EGR valve?

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Manifold vacuum source.
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The "M" is the port on the intake you asked about in your other post. In the diagram above it's different, but in factory diagrams or on your underhood sticker, you'll probably see a line running from the "M" to your distributor advance. Ported vacuum works too.

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Ported vacuum doesn't work. You want manifold vacuum to the EGR and purge port on the vapor canister not ported vacuum.
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