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Crossover Steering

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Any suggestions on the cheapest way to convert a Dana 44 to crossover steering? The frontend doesn't have flat top knuckles either. I have a 95' Z71 converted to a straight axle with a Offroad Unlimited kit, but there crossover steering kit is $850.00. I built a crossover steering setup for the truck and it works, but it just isn't right.The box on an IFS truck already steers side to side as well. Please help also up for a cheap hydraulic setup possibly.
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Obviously you need to find the pass side flat top first, have it milled and tapped. I used a stock GM three piece tie rod, shorthened to required length. Depending on how much lift you can use a dropped pitman arm for a 77.5 to 79 1/2 ton Ford, think the # is 1104, Superlift. That ORU kit is way overpriced for what you get, if you ask me.
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