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Cross-Over Steering?\'s: Pitman arm lengths and spring over steering.

I'm changing steering setups to go from a crossover, over the spring setup on a Toyota ( I know, please bear with me/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif) to a Dana 44 with a crossover setup similar to the Tri County one.

Currently the steering arms are 7" long and the pitman arm is 7" long. The ratio is 1:1 in this instance. I plan to run steering arms on the D44 that are 5.5" long for clearance of other components. Does it follow logic that I should continue to use the 1:1 ratio and make the pitman arm 5.5" long as well?

I know this may be a stupid question but I really need advice as steering is obviously vital for saftey reasons. From my limited knowledge of steering setups, shortening the pitman and steering arms will greatly affect how quickly I can turn from lock to lock but there shouldn't be any more increase in leverage on the steering box as long as the ratio between the arms' lengths (and corresponding arc they travel through) remains the same. Does this make sense?

Thanks for your time and any suggestions you might have.
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Re: Cross-Over Steering?\'s: Pitman arm lengths and spring over steering.

I think I understand what you are saying. I would keep the 7" p-arm and the 5.5" steering arm. A 5.5" p-arm may not allow you to go from lock to lock, right? If you look at the extreme, suppose you have a 2" p-arm. It would take a major load off the gear box but would not allow you the full travel of the steering.

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