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Create a new storage space with CURT Load Bars

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Introducing universal load bars designed and manufactured by CURT. When the cargo space inside your vehicle is critically limited, you may need to find a solution – how to bring all the things you will need during your trip and save some space in the cabin for your family or some heavy cargo. The Wisconsin-based CURT company uses its almost 30-year experience in designing and producing parts and accessories that make the lives of off-road enthusiasts and outdoorsmen easier. In this case, the new pair of roof rack crossbars are the perfect way to add storage space to your vehicle.

CURT - Load Bars



Finish: Black Powder Coat
Material: Welded-Steel


  • Adds rooftop storage space on the Jeep JK
  • Rated for a maximum capacity of 150 lbs.
  • Full-width slotted channels for adjustable positioning of straps, hooks or bolts
  • Quick-release gutter clamps allow for no-drill, as-needed installation
  • Constructed from welded steel for reliable strength
  • Durable carbide black powder coat finish for maximum rust resistance
  • Limited lifetime warranty (three-year finish, one-year parts)
  • Includes two brackets

Hop over to this page for more details about the new Curt product.
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