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crazy idle STILL

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I'm goin' NUTZ! I replaced the air idle adjuster in the throttle body and spray'd the whole thing out and have a new O2 sensor in this thing and it STILL acting like it has a mind of it's own. No air leaks noticed so far. My '90 either wants to rev up or just die at idle and it seems to almost lock in 4th gear and "push" me into traffic especialy when cold. I'm starting to think the computer is fried.....HELP?
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And you checked the EGR and diafram and vac harness O-rings in connector) and solenoid? (Does a '90 still has one?) Is there a pattern in the idling problems? How high does it Idle? Dit you reset the computer? Your system has new components.
I'm not sure. I read stories of 10 minutes up to an hour and even guys that ment they needed to put the key on crank for 10 sec's and putting the + terminal onto the ground. I usualy simply unhook it while i'm busy, so it's longer than an hour. But 30 minutes should be enough, I think....

1 Extra tip is to clean the grounds on the passenger side of the engine. It might help a bit. At least your sure to count that out. (and while you're busy, disconnect the terminals...)
Didn't you tell in a former post that you also replaced the TPS? If so simply adjusting the thing, reset and drive for 15 minutes should help. Did you ever put your rig on the computer for a diagnosis?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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