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Coyote Keith answers questions and concerns


I offer the following for your consideration.

Concern was raised regarding the lawsuit Hubbard handled:

Hubbard challenged the placement of the fences across the road as a public nuisance. Hubbard claimed the road was a public road under RS 2477 but offered no concrete proof. The Attorney General, on behalf of state parks, claimed, among other things, that the road was not a public road. The judge declared that (this) court was not the correct court to determine the public road status under RS 2477. The lawsuit was not dismissed. The lawsuit was abandoned by the plaintiffs.

The road through Coyote Canyon:

I have documents and maps that prove that the road is a public road. One set of documents and maps state, explicitly, that the road, mapped as a single-lane dirt road, was established as a public road under the Surface and Mining Act of 1866 (Revised Statute 2477). I have other documents and maps (reference our website).

The Coyote Canyon Public Use Plan was unlawfully developed and enacted and I can prove it.

The General Plan regarding Coyote Canyon and the blockage of the road was unlawfully developed and enacted and I can prove it.

The lawsuit:

The lawsuit proposed by Coyote Canyon Citizens Association will be funded through membership fees. The one-time fee per member is an affordable $28.

To date, I've spent about two-years and about $5,000 of my own money on research and setting up Coyote Canyon Citizens Association. I would not be spending my time and money on any of this if I didn't think there was a good chance of winning the lawsuit.

So, I'm asking a small number of off-roaders, motorcyclists, hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders to invest $28 and take a good shot at recapturing the road and recreation rights of everyone and, to boot, take a good shot at obtaining monetary compensation for deprivations of their rights.

What if we lose the lawsuit? Big deal! It's only a $28 loss per member!

What if we win the lawsuit? Visit our website, read it all, including the legal resources on the links page, and then give that a few thoughts!

Nothing ventured - nothing gained!

Keith Pullman
President and Director of Operations
Coyote Canyon Citizens Association
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