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'CORRECT TRANS FLUID FOR 88XJ 2wd 4.0 with aw4

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\'CORRECT TRANS FLUID FOR 88XJ 2wd 4.0 with aw4

Haynes84-93 edition tells me mercon another source tells me dexronIII and warns of dire consequences if anything else now one dealer parts tech says atf4 goes into everything they work on another tech at another dealer refers me to an indy mech who had told me dexIII .....

I read/hear over and over that the aw4 can last forever if properly serviced and thats in part(wife refuses to drive manual) why I went for an auto in an xj with 197k. Any input? (no aux cooler installed btw)I want to change it as I have put500 miles on the xj since purchased and want fresh fluids throughout asap.
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Re: \'CORRECT TRANS FLUID FOR 88XJ 2wd 4.0 with aw4

Dexron III. If you realy want to be sure, call a Jeep dealer and speak to the Shop Supervisor.
Re: \'CORRECT TRANS FLUID FOR 88XJ 2wd 4.0 with aw4

No, it won't help the leaky rear main seal. Stick to 10w-40. 4.0L engines with high mileage are noted for rear main seal leaks. The only thing to do is live with the leak, if it it not too bad, until it can be replaced. Good Luck!
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