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I thought I'd pass along a bit of info I found while selecting a plow.

Only two manufacturers of plows that I've found are Moose and Cycle

I'm buying it for a 99 Wolverine and I tend to do a bit more research
than I should with most products before I buy them. Rather it be bowling
balls, guns, ATV's, whatever. Anyway, both Moose and Cycle Country
make comparable units. My first impression though is that "Moose" aka
"Moose Utility Division's" infrustructure just isn't very consumer oriented.
Not saying it isn't a good or superior product, but I just didn't get
that warm fuzzy feeling. Most local dealers hear in the Midwest sell
both brands, but only stock Cycle Country from my experience. Cycle
Country has a nice website, and when searching
for plows on the web 9 times out of 10 the only manufacturer is Cycle
CC makes a blade that is 48" wide and is 11 guage. Moose makes a 50"
11 guage that is comparable. Moose weighs a bit more because of its
blade angle mechanism.
The prices are very close. Before my final decision, I called
Moose and asked for a brochure on their products, specifically plows.
I recieved a brochure, but it didn't have any info about their plows.
Strike one.
I then called Cycle Country, spoke with Brandon. Very customer oriented,
answered all my questions and supported the product well. I asked him
why I would want Cycle Country over Moose. It appears that the Moose
plow is based from Cycle Country's. One of the guys had left Cycle
Country and went to or started Moose. This could or couldn't be true,
who knows, who cares. I bought the Cycle Country.
It was 408.00 - 10 percent disc that the dealer took off. It is very
beefy, comes in 3 different colors and fits like a glove.

Sorry for the long post, but I wish this was here when I was looking
for a plow.

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I guess my story is just the opposite. I opted for the Moose plow over the CC. The Moose is heavier, yes, but I find that to be a definite advantage. It helps keep the blade on the ground in heavy, wet snow. The heavier mount is also an advantage. In my opinion, heavier means stronger. If memory serves, I believe I read that CC had some customer complaints about breakage in their mounting setup. Not sure, but I think it was something to do with faulty bolts or something to that effect. Anyway, I had some questions about the way mine mounted, so I called their 800 number. They were very helpful, and courteous, and answered all my questions. I was impressed by the service.

When I bought my Moose blade, CC was still making theirs out of 12 gauge steel. Out of the big four blade makers (Moose, CMP, CC, and Kimpex), CC was the last to go to 11 gauge. Don't get me wrong, CC makes some excellent products. (I'm thinking about getting one of their 3 point hitches.) It's just that at the time I was in the market for a blade, Moose was the better choice, and I believe it still is. Just my two cents worth.

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