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Cooling my new engine; H2O pump, rad?

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I got my new engine back from the rebuilder this week; 401, bored .040 over, rv cam. Is it worth the money to go with a high flow performance water pump? The price difference is about $60 and I have read that sometimes moving the coolant through the block too fast can hinder cooling. Also what radiator will work good? Stock one or one of those pricey BeCool units? Finally what thermostat too run?

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Forget the high $$ high flow WP. Like you said, sometimes they do more harm than good.

Run a good quality 190/195 thermostat. And a quality 3 or 4 row radiator should be fine as long as it has a high fin per inch count.

I personally would PM or email Z50k2 and ask him what he uses. He has a FI 401 thats more than stock. I know he fought a heating issue a good while back, but has it under control now. Since he has been in the same boat, he'd be the one to ask.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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