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Converting to power brakes on CJ-7 - what's best?

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Converting to power brakes on CJ-7 - what\'s best?

I have an '82 CJ-7 with manual brakes. While doing my frame up rebuild, I was considering swapping to power brakes. What is the best method for the swap? Total cost and parts? This will be going onto a fiberglass body if that matters. Also, where do I hook up for vacuum? I was going to use manifold, but how much vacuum is needed, and is the changing vacuum as rpm's go and down going to cause changing braking? Thanks for the input.
Matt Stocke
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Re: Converting to power brakes on CJ-7 - what\'s best?

Matt, I had an e-mail from JAFFER who has just done a conversion on his frame-up, using the GM hydro-boost. Because the newer engines have so little vacuum, it becomes necessary to use hydraulic over hydraulic instead of vacuum over hydraulic. Motordom has realized that high vacuum was retarding gas mileage so they engineered the high vacuum out of these new engines. PLUS...disc brakes take more pressure and with big tires....well,you see what I'm geting at. Click on JAFFER, then go to his Jeep page and see the setup. It's very sanitary. You CAN use vacuum if you have an early engine and drum brakes, and normal tires. Take the vacuum off the big plug in the intake manifold. I like to use a tank, but I'm paranoid, so pay no attention. The early Chrysler products always used a tank, and I thought it was a wise thing to do.

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