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Convert Chev 350 4 barrell to GM TBI

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Has anyone converted their 350 to a GM style TBI? I need to know what components I will need to round up to do this.

Current set up is: Pre 1986 GM 350 engine, bored to a 383 stroker, 400 crank, TRW forged pistons, cam is 2 steps up from standard cam, double pump heads.
I currently have it set up with an Edlebrock offroad 750 cfm 4 barrell and MSD ignition with HEI distributor. It runs fairly good, but at extreme angles when I need it most it bogs out and won't run. This makes for some very ass griping situations sometimes.

Anyway, I know I will need a new intake and the TBI but what else? What parts of the computer system will I need?
I have been reading up, but I am starting to get confused and need to talk to someone who has actually done this.

Thanks for the help I hope I get.
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you are going to need...

1) either a TBI to 4bbl adapter plate or a tbi manifold
2) throttle body unit
3) sensors (whichever you decide to run)
4) computer
5) wiring harness
6) fuel pump

you can either get a custom harness with the wires for the hei, injectors, fuel pump, and sensors you wan to run or cut a standard harness. as far as the computer i believe that it's the 1227747 that is more versatile (easy to program the proms). you can either find a prom that is set up for what you are running or you can have someone burn you one that is set for your specs (and what sensors you are going to run). if it is burned for you you can have them disco the sensors that you don't want to run thereby eliminating the error codes from not having them hooked up. there are several fuel pump options, pretty much just whatever you want to go with. you are going to need a different air cleaner too.

i'm getting over being sick and i'm tired, so if i missed something someone else chime in

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if you are already hei you shouldn't have to change the dist.

ask the guy who's gonna burn the chip which computer h'd rather work with

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