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If you own a Jeep Wrangler, you know how stressful it is to be behind the wheel on a dark road, relying on inefficient factory halogen lights. For this reason, you may want to upgrade your Jeep with specialized LED headlights, and Morimoto has you covered here.

Dapper, astonishingly bright, DOT & SAE compliant Morimoto LED Headlights are sure to attract looks of wonder and envy from your fellow Jeepers and car aficionados alike. They offer superior visibility, safety, and durability, making them the most advanced LED headlight available on the market.

Today is the start of our 5% OFF discount sale! Do not hesitate and use this great opportunity to load up on all your favorite lighting products from Morimoto while they are in stock. This limited-time promotion ends 8/29. Don't miss this last chance to save more! Prices are already reduced.

Morimoto® - 7" Round Black Projector LED Headlight with Switchback DRL

Morimoto® - Sealed7™ 7" Round Black 2.0 Projector Bi-LED Headlight

Morimoto® - Super7™ 7" Round Black Projector Bi-LED Headlight

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