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Contest: Win BackCountry Trip!

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Four lucky riders will get to spend two days attacking the Rocky Mountain backcountry with three of the biggest names ever to attack the steep and deep. So whether you're an aspiring Western free-rider or a trail junky from "back East," Polaris Assault Camp would be the experience of a lifetime

Get more details here:

Polaris Will Host Four Lucky Riders at Western Assault Camp Led by Three Primo Free-Riders - REGISTRATION DEADLINE is DEC. 7, 2008, for Chance at Backcountry Trip - Snowmobile at
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Folks..I gotta tell ya..if you've never ridden out west you *HAVE* to try's so wicked I couldn't explain it....the wide open spaces..the waist deep snow everywhere you go....point and shoot through acres upon acres of crown land...if you haven't tried it you really owe yourself to look into a trip like this one day.

Tony Severenuk
a.k.a. SnowMan
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