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Contacting Protech ?

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Hey guys,
I know this has been posted already, but I cant seem to find it anymore. Does anyone remember the Phone # or web site (if they have one)of Protech? The best price I can come up with for the Mopar MPI is about $1800. including the damper. I have heard Protech has the best prices.
Thanks again........Herbie

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(303) 289-4650....ask for Mike...they also have a 1-800 # which i lost


I talked to Mike last week and he quoted me $1700 w/damper and 35 for shipping. He also told me they were in the process of moving and would have a new phone number (which I have at work). I will post the new one and the 800# when I find it.

Patrick Kulas
85 CJ-7
ProTech 1-800-294-4385

They are in the processing of moving. It seems that the building that they were in, was designated for storage only. And the
county came in and evicted everyone (maybe 25 business's) in 72 hours. Mike's not having any fun.

That's funny, the story Mike gave me was about a fire several doors down that caused the building to be condemned etc. He's pretty uh, uh, creative when it comes to explaining why you haven't received your parts yet. He's a nice guy, and I tend to overlook his explanations, but it would be nice to just get a straight answer so I could plan my time better. If you deal with Protech you will get good prices, good advice and interesting explanations for the delays you're experiencing. The only good phone number for them now is 303/933-7646, I wonder when my cam will arrive...


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