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Well, after talking to quite a few people about a daily driver Jeep everyone suggests getting a newer model. I'm not very up to date on anything past a CJ7. I may consider selling out my CJ7's, extra frames and all my new/used parts I've aquired if a newer Jeep meets what I want. Since money will be tight starting off, it doesn't matter to me if I get a 4cyl or a 6cyl (rather have a 6cyl). What is the gas mileage #'s on newer coil spring equipped Jeeps (I'm assuming the TJ Wrangler was the start of the coil spring Jeeps but if I'm wrong let me know). Has to be a straight drive (5-speed), would prefer a hardtop/hard half doors/or full doors, and easily down the road be adaptable to a more powerful V6 or V8 engine (with stock axles and xfer case if that would be possible). Would prefer whichever model came back with the rounded headlights, and a soundbar would be nice also. To also save on headaches I'd like to find one already lifted with maybe 31's-33's.. I would even settle for a Jeep shell (maybe minus motor/trans/xfter case) as long as it had a good body and interior. What could I expect to pay for something like this? Is there a noticable difference in driveablity between a CJ7/YJ/TJ (I'm sure there is but I've only ever driven CJ7's)? I would like to just buy a nice Jeep outright to drive everyday, save me the headache right now of a complete CJ7 buildup, and focus on the restoration (which will take up alot of my free time) on my 1969 Mustang Mach1 to have it ready for show and go hopefully by this summer. I'm full of questions and if anyone has some answers they would like to share I'd really appreicate it. Thanks

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