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Condensation in dipstick tube

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I have an extreme amount of "milkshake" oil in the tube on my 258.
Ihave to clean the stick half a dosen times to even check the oil.
No I don't have a cracked head/gasket leak and all of the other
places that you usually see something like that (oil cap,pcv) are
clean and my oil is clean.
Never seen anything that bad w/o an engine problem.
It runs great and it also runs about 2hrs. a day.... plenty long
enough for standard water evaporation.
I don't want to go into oil brand loyalty is why I didn't mention
what I use because I've never had a problem like this before.
By the way my 258 does have the long/tall tube.

85'CJ7 258 4" runnin33's
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I have kind of the same thing going on with our 302 ford van E150.
It is not milky. With the milky oil thing I would say you have to
have a very small leak into your engine from a head or something.
May dad had a small crack in a head when new engine that went 100000 miles
then change heads. it was a very small leak but still would put the
white milky oil water on the dipstick and oil fill plug.

Don't tell me that!
If thats ends up being the problem (been in the back of my head) I'll make you
explane to the wife why I have to put a 350 TPI in. LOL.
Thanks for the input.

85'CJ7 258 4" runnin33's
Do a compression check could be a leaking head gasket, same thing happened to me on one of my trucks and that was the first tip something was going wrong. One other thing, have you done any water crossing lately if so check that your oil pan gasket is in good shape if not water will leak in and make the same mess. If it is either of the above after you fix it you will have to change your oil every week until it flushes all the gunk out.

Gee Dirt Dog ,like when do you think I'm suppose to get time to explain these
things to your wife. Can't you see that I'm married to. I have a full time job
just helping my wife understand the things that just have to be done to the jeep.
YOU KNOW . It a terrible rotten thing you got to do to the jeep but it has to be done.

I've done compression test (hot&cold),cooling system carbon monixide
test,floresent dye,etc. I still don't have a positive answer.
BTW I spent 15 years running a radiator shop so this is in my field
of things I should be able to figure out. I'm still guessing a small
internal leak but I can't prove it. I just wandered if it might be a "258"
I'm sure not going to tear it apart to find out,I finally figured out
how to make a pig 48k 258 run. (carb,hei)
It's funny about wives and jeeps..... mine loves the thing , sommertime
, no top (jeep that is). Heck my 2year old girl thinks it's her favorite
toy, but god help you when you start talking about putting money in it.
It's only ever just a few bucks , right guys? She's not that bad...really.

85'CJ7 258 4" runnin33's
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When my 258 died a couple of years ago I had milky oil showing up in my breather, and you could see it on the dipstick. It ran fine
for several months even though I kept trying to figure out what was wrong. After a piston shattered I found out that I had a crack in
one of my cylinder bores. I have never heard of anyone else with this problem, so it is probably not a 258 problem. I really hope this
is not what you have, but I would keep my eyes out for a cheap rebuildable core out there.
Good Luck,

Dirt Dog, this might sound like a crazy question but what type of oil are you running in your 258???? Are you running Penzoil??

I hope thats not it , but I run the counter a a wrecker so an engine
is'nt a problem. I'm just lasy & I just put this one in 6 months ago.
BTW would you believe they crushed a t18 before I caught it?????
Some of the stories I could tell....................

85'CJ7 258 4" runnin33's
I'm not a fan of the yellow cans.
BUT......! BIG BUT!!!!!!!!!
I'm not going to start an oil preferance debate.
Thats why I never told a brand.
Now since it Had to happen.......
Castrol & Valvoline are the only 2 brands I've ever used on anything
I've ever owned. (standard car/truckwise-not racing)
Never had a problem!
I just did'nt want to start a whats your favorite color fight. LOL

85'CJ7 258 4" runnin33's
Just wondering since I had a similar problem when I used to drag race. I used Penzoil and it would foam up real bad from the high RPM's that the motor turned.

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