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My engine light come on after gettin stuck in the mud, my neighbor works for a Chrysler dealer, so he hooked up the scan tool and came back as leak detection pump bad.
I replaced the pump and the filter that is connected to it, reset the computer, then the engine light came back on. Scan one more time came back again as leak detection pump bad, so replaced thinking it was bad. no luck. Finally did the voltmeter test that chrysler recomends to check if computer is bad. Test came back as computer bad.
A new one is kinda of expensive, anyone now of a reputable parts company that sells used computers, or should I just shell out the money for a new one?

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Anything wrong with junkyard stock? You'll still need to have the dealer program your VIN and mileage into the PCM (I think) ..otherwise I believe that you'll have the other vehicles mileage and vin stored in it .

But their anywhere from $50-200 ..there's a place near you ..sorta I can't find the one place that took your old one as a core and reprogrammed the replacement unit ..they were somewhere around $150.
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