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Component ID

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Is there a website I can go to that would tell me how to determine the components in my CJ? What type of front and rear diff's, exact tranny, etc. I'm concerned that not all the parts on my CJ match. I've got what an ID plate from a 74 (VIN's match), a 258 ci, 3 speed manual tranny and I don't know what axles or diffs are. I know with Chevys it's all in the bolt patterns, what about for Jeeps?

The jeep is real weird, has a 60's model windshield (top mount wipers), a 74 body, seats (since replaced) from a late 70's model, a late 70's model steering wheel, etc. You can see what I'm getting at, it's been peiced together. But why? Wrecked maybe or is this common practice?

Carl, Tampa, FL, 74 CJ-5
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Check out All of the identifying info you are asking for is there. Last time I looked Terry was moving the info to another site, but there is a hotlink to it. Don't be surprised about things being replaced on an older Jeep. It's pretty common and if done correctly, an improvement. The only original parts on my '75 are the frame, body, and transfer case.
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