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When I looked at your pic of the roof rack, I also noticed your pic of the commo center. I had a '79 Ford van a few years ago that I did some custom work on and always wanted to put in something like that. Now that I've seen it again I'd like to put one in the Bronco. Is it after-market or out of a later model vechile? Did you run the electrical around the windshield trim? etc. Thanks for the input and it really looks good. It will give me something else to put in the want list!



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We had some ~20ga galvanized steel left over from a job, and I hadn't installed the old scanner or the new Cobra since the rollover, so I got some cardboard & a sharp knife & made some templates. After some adjustments & rethinks, I got out the snips & cut out a plate to screw to the roof & hang them from. The second try was a keeper. A few weeks later, I got tired of looking at it and went to WallyWorld's fabric department for some tan "Duck Canvass", 1/8" foam, & 3M spray adhesive. A few more templates and I got the lower cover made on the first try. So I upholstered it & VOILA!!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

I had put the wiring in when I was putting it back together after the roll, so that was done, but: yes - the power runs up the side of the windshield. The antenna wires run back to the dome light area (to keep them from being pinched between the 2 layers of overhead sheet metal), down the passenger's side B-pillar, out the tar plug behind the bedwall trim panel, over the wheelwell, out a grommet in the tailgate jamb, and onto the swingaway where both antennas are mounted.

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