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I am thinking about doing coil springs on my CJ7. I really don't know where to start. Does any body have any tips, as far as the fundamentals of
designing it? Like should I use a four link with paralell bars? Where can I get coil over shocks like those used on the warn coil conversion kit?
I thought about just buying that kit, but it is a little too expensive and I am swapping axles so I don't know how it would work. Speaking of the axles,
I was thinking that I could design some kind of braket that would bolt to the axle where the leaf spring normally would, on the spring perch.
I really don't want to weld on the axle if there is a way around it. Thanks in advance for the help


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a radius arm suspension is very simple and can be made to preovide lots of travel. Just look at the front of the warn kit or a early Bronco, the key to getting this type of suspension to work well is have the longest radius arms you can fit and tall coils that are fairly soft. good luck on the project

'83 Toyota long bed
5" lift, YJ front springs
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