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JUST out of curiosity...when you get a new clutch at the parts store. What do you get? I told them (because my little bit of reseach tells me they are the same) that I want a clutch for my year jeep with a 304 or 258 and the clutches should be the same (pressure plate and disk), which BTW should also work on the 360...HOWEVER, now that I have this clutch on my Jeep, and it does what it is supposed to, I noticed that, in my opinion, I have to have it adjusted out pretty far for a new clutch. Should I have told gotten a pressure plate for a 360 wagoneer and a disk for a 304 or 258 so that it mates up with the T 150?

78CJ5 360

You want the clutch that matches the type of Jeep/trans combo you are running. If the trans is the original, the stock clutch should work fine. The V8 flywheels sometimes have a dual bolt pattern which would allow the use of the 11" clutch from the HD J-20 to fit. There is a 10.94" "scalloped" clutch assembly that also came in J-20s and othe AMCs that fits the 10.5" bolt pattern on the 258 and V8flywheels. Either large clutch should be checked for clearance in your bellhousing, sometimes a rib on the t-5 belhousing needs to be ground down slightly for clearance. The type of throwout bearing is critical to match with the clutch fingers, a rounded surface on the bearing if the fingers are flat, a flat bearing if the fingers are rounded on the clutch. If the clutch pedal is adjusted properly, you should have 1/2" to 1" play at the pedal before you can feel the throwout bearing hitting the cover fingers.
Hope this helps, good luck!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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