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I've got an 85 cj7 258 with T-5 tranny
Last fall, I started getting a rattling noise coming from my clutch/tranny region. One shop told me the whole clutch had to be repalced. Another said it was the throwout bearing. The noise kept getting worse and louder. I would hear it most when sitting in neutral. I would get loud. The noise would go away when I put the clutch petal in and disengaged the clutch. I had the throwout bearing replaced adn the noise went away for about a month, then started again. I just took it to AAMCO and they said the last place problably used a cheap throwout bearing. So they replaced it. 300 bucks later, the noise is starting to creep in again. The linkage from pedal to clutch is loose and shakes around adn vibrates a bunch, but I don't know if this is causing the problem. Anyone who could help with vibrating noise and how to fix loose linkage would be a saint.




The vibration would to me indicate a warped pressure plate or flywheel in need of resurfacing. Face it, it is clutch time, obviously the throwout bearing replacement was a bandaid fix for bigger problems. I would suggest doing the job yourself, it isn't that hard, get a good shop manual, you will save hundreds that way. Replace your clutch with a quality unit such as a LUK, don't throw away money on a Centerforce. The LUK comes with a quality throwout bearing, and make sure you have your flywheel resurfaced and replace the pilot bushing with a bearing. Also, take a good look at the front bearing retainer on the T-5, your throwout bearing rides there and it could very well be scored, therefore eating thrwout bearings. A replacement is only about $40 from 4WD Hardware. As far as the linkage goes, it will wear and groove the shafts and oval the holes, if anything is too worn replace it, 4WD Hardware is again a good place to get replacements. Use a light coating of grease on each place where the shafts attach to the bellcrank, and make sure you grease the bellcrank. Hope this helps.

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Like the previous post says, its clutch time. If you're intimidated by the thought of doing it yourself, let me tell you that I did mine and I have absolutely *no* mechanic's qualifications and did the job in the parking lot in front of my townhouse.

I would recommend a torque wrench or two [check the service manuals for the range you'll need], a "breaker bar", tons of rags and engine cleaner, a transmission jack [can be rented for about $20/day], a puller/slide-hammer for the pilot bushing [a *must*--can be rented for about $4] and the brief help of a strong friend to help drop and re-install the tranny.

I bought a LuK clutch kit from Dial-a-Clutch [no kidding!]. It came with a clutch cover, disc, t/o bearing and pilot bushing. I also bought a replacement flywheel/clutch cover bolt kit from 4WD Hardware [DO NOT reuse these bolts!!]. I also had the flywheel turned at a shop for $20. While I was in there I replaced the rear main seal and took the front bearing cap off of my t-5 and had a shop replace the oil seal in that too. [I was having an oil leak problem].

In addition to all this I replaced the engine and transmission mounts. Again, no mechanic's qualifications, in the parking lot in front of my townhouse. I cleaned up after every afternoon I worked [so as to not piss off the neighbors] and completed the job in two weekends. If all you're doing is the clutch, it could be done in a day.

If you decide to tackle this and need some amateur advice, drop me a line.

Good luck,
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'85 CJ7/258
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