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Hey guys,

I went out yesterday to a new wheeling place. I had a bad gut feeling that I should stay home... lol

It was my first time out with my new 35 Swampers! I promised everyone that I would hit the first big mud hole - I did. It wasn't bad but bad enough that mud/water was up to the first door hinge.

My clutch went to the floor and didnt come back up. I just figured it was the linkage. It was, I put it back together and the clutch was slipping. I let it dry out for a little while and it was ok.

Then it started slipping again. I would let it sit and it would be fine again.

I assume that it was full of mud/dirt/etc. I drove home fine, and I flushed it out with the hose. Is there anything I could/should do now? I am hoping that I don't have to replace the clutch. Its only been since December since the motor swap and the new clutch.

Any suggestions? thanks for your help!

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 V8/35's

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Brian, guess who? I hate to say it but you have mud packed between the clutch plate and the pressure plate. You will probably have to pull it apart to clean it out. That is why I went to an auto!

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