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Hey guys,

I have an 85 CJ7/258 with a T-5 and some serious clutch chatter. Here's the thing though: it only happens in cold weather. I bought this thing last year and there was a considerable leak from the valve cover [which I've fixed] and a daily puddle [small] from a rear main seal leak. I did a half-assed rear main seal replacement [removed oil pan, tapped seal out with a nail punch, etc.] and it didn't totally stop it, but it has slowed dramatically. No puddles, no measurable oil loss between oil changes. But the chatter continued. This was around march of this year.

Around the end of April [I live near Washington DC, BTW] the chatter went away. All summer it was great. Now that the weather is getting colder its back with a vengence.

What's the deal? Is the old clutch disc toast since its been saturated already? Is there a better quality disc I could use to help avert this in the future?

Also, I called the local Jeep shop here and they gave me a ballpark of $700 to replace the clutch and rear seal. Ugh. How impossible is this for the "mechanically inclined" to do? I need to nip this before I rattle it to pieces!

Any tips, advice, insight, etc, etc, would be greatly appreciated.


'85 CJ7/285

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I can tell you the poor boy fix. This will only buy you a little time.
First and cheapest would fix the leaks.
Back in the old dark ages I drove dad and mom's 50 dodge
with a leaking rear seal. Just slip the H*LL out of the clutch
till it gets hot enuff to burn the oil off. Just don't get it to hot!


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Both are easy jobs for the average mechanically inclined guy, just time consuming. The only special tool needed is a clutch disc alignment tool, around ten bucks. Take your time, make sure you get the flywheel resurfaced, and IMO don't bother with something like a Centerforce, a quality clutch such as a LUK will do the trick. Oh,two other things you will need, a floor jack and a fairly strong friend. BTW, $700 seems a little bit high, even including parts.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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Hey Man,

It may be that your flywheel is cooked. Check that out when you do the clutch and MAKE SURE to get it resurfaced.

Good Luck

Kevin Speicher
New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ-7
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