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clutch brand

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I have a bad clutch . I was thinking of going with a CenterForce for my 1975 CJ5 with a I6. My friend told me that I don't have the motor for the CenterForce and to go with a OEM clutch. Should I shake his hand and tell him thanks or should I give him a big kick in the pants.


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He was absolutely right! A Centerforce is a BIG waste of money in a motor that's not going to see over 4k rpms. Go with a quality
oem syle one such as a LUK, I have had very good luck with them.

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Like I said before, I just finished my clutch last week. Really I had to pull everything to get to a bad ring gear on the flywheel, so I thought I would replace my clutch (preventative maintenance). I put a Luk replacement kit in. New clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing...etc I am overly impressed with it’s performance behind my 258. It doesn’t chatter, it’s a bit grabby, but I think that’s me just learning how to drive a brand new clutch. The kit cost $155.00 and it’s worth every penny, and bit of time!

I like my LUK too, but also felt it was a little bit grabby. I have about 10k on mine and it still feels the same. Once I got used to it, I like the feel. It doesn't seem grabby to me now, more like the feel of a good solid engage.

A buddy with an 85 CJ-7 put in a centerforce... blew it out in 10k, slapped in an OEM... nothing but sweetness since.... now, if he can just get the thing out in the rain to play with the other kids! /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

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Who sells the LUK kit? Can you get a compete kit(pressure plate, clutch disc, throwout bearing)? Is it $155 for the complete kit?


P.S. I would like to buy at a local parts store(Pep Boys, Autozone, Parts America). Do they sell these kits?

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you should be able to get the luk from the local parts joint.. advance.. auto.. what ever.. just ask them what they carry.. the oem.. might not be a luk.. you might have to ask for the heavy duty oem.. sometimes they go under that.. just for craps and snickers.. i had a centerforce in my 258, t5 lasted 3 years was great.. and then went to a el cheapo brand from advance.. was 112 bucks total.. that lasted.. 2 years. and it didnt make it further due to roll over.. so ya.. go with a luk.. or what ever.. its a 258.. low rpm.. and you will not be dropping the clutch.. or trying to turn 44's with it.. should work fine..

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I`ve also got a new LUK clutch pak in my 75. So far it`s been working great. I`m using the 76-79 clutch pak to mate with the Ford T-18 I swapped in though. The 76-79 diaphragm style pressure plate works SOOOO much smoother than the stock 75 finger style pressure plate. I did get mine from Parts Mike though.

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