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clunk clunk in transfer case

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I was messing around a while ago out in the dirt and I noticed(it was hard not to)a clunk(metallic)coming from the bottom of my Jeep. It's got the TF999 and 231. I had a buddy drive it on a mild incline and stop so I could stick my ear up to it when he applied pressure on the gas. It clunked when it was under load right at the end of the t-case where the front driveline is connected. probably not the smartest thing I could have done to hear the noise but I'm alive and well. I changed the U-joints, front and rear, and the noise is still there. It has more often when I'm in reverse than in drive so that tells me it could be the sprocket at the front driveline which connects to the drive chain. Any ideas?

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If this is a YJ, block the front wheels, and put the rear axle on jackstands. With the engine OFF, shift into 4wd. (This will keep the front disconnect disconnected) Shift the transmission to neutral. Then grab the front and rear driveshaft and turn them back and forth in opposite directions with your hands and see if you feel or hear anything. Move them up and down too to check the bearings.
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