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I'm going to be doing an article about closed trails in the Land Use Section, so if anyone has any info about trails that have been
closed in the last couple years, please e-mail the following info to me:

Trails that have been closed in the last couple years, location, type of
trail (Jeep, dirtbike, etc.), when it was closed, why it was closed, current
or pending litigation or other action, and any other relevant info.

I'll have the article up as soon as I can compile info.


ORC Land Use Section Editor
Get involved or lose it all, the choice is yours!

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Last time out in Moab (last summer), we were not able to do the full trail "Moab Rim Trail." There is a section that allowed you to drive out onto the fins overlooking the Colorado river. When you returned from the fins you could go down a really scary off camber ledge. This whole area was closed due to "wilderness study" posting. Not sure when this occurred since we only get out there once a year. Oklahoma Green, aka Ken Levens was our trail leader and pointed out our losses.
Hope this helps some.

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