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I just voted in that poll... Our side (yes) is ahead 87.1% to the Socialistic Liberal scumbag supporters 12.9% (all percentages are out of a total of 8477 votes)... /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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What amazes me is, every time I'm part of a poll it comes out against Clinton, for gun rights or jeep rights or just keeping the gummint off our backs.

But when you read polls in the paper, they almost always run the other way. I do not trust the polls.

Join the NRA! Join GOA! Register! Vote against Gore and the Democrats!

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If you want to learn about polls please consider taking a research methods and analysis class or a statistics class at your local college. When polling an audience the statistician can make the poll results come out any way he wants to just by asking a question in a certain way, for example by using leading questions. When you listen to the news media quote poll results never, never, never believe it. They never tell you how many people were polled, or what their backgrounds were, the questions asked, etc. And how does polling 2500 liberals in New York City represent the populace of the entire United States? Go figure. You can hire me to take a poll, tell me what you want the poll to conclude, and I can design one that will draw your conclusions. HCI (Handgun Control, Inc.) does it all the time. Just fork over the cash ahead of time, thank you. Unfortunately, there are too many people that refuse to think for themselves, what do you call them, drones, eggheads, ...? Enough already, support the NRA, it's perhaps the most patriotic organization alive in the United States today. And that is my .02 cents. :eek:)

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