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The MISTESS (that’s what the girlfriend calls my CJ) is still not happy with me, and what a harsh mistress she has been. As many of you know in the last month my 85 CJ 7 has seen a new starter, fuel pump, radiator, vacuum lines, heater hoses, fuel line, carburetor, and now a new valve cover. I ordered a Clifford valve cover and am curious how to install it, as there were no directions with the kit. If anyone has any info on installation on a 258, please let me know. I understand that I need to drill and tap holes for new mounts etc., but I have no diagrams or instructions, and anything would be great. Thanks.
**As a side note*
Anyone who is thinking about upgrading to an aluminum valve cover in the near future, beware….Clifford is not producing any covers for the next 2 to 3 weeks. There is a casting problem, and dealers are backed up with orders. ETA for mine that was order Nov 1st is Dec 14th, I can’t be without my Jeep that long (only vehicle). I found a cover here and ordered a gasket there and hardware, separately from Clifford.

I know I have had a lot of questions recently and thank goddess this board is here; it’s been a huge help. Thanks again.

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CJ More I actually don't have any direct experience with clifford valve cover, as I used a similar one from 4WDHardware. As far as
how to install them it should be the same though. First of all you will probably want to take at look at how your OEM plastic valve
cover attached. There are two main ways. Either it is held down with two bolts in the middle of the cover, or it has bolts around the
out side of the cover. They both leak, as I am sure any 258 engine owner knows. The new valve cover uses all the bolt holes
around the outside of the cover and several others you will have to drill and tap. On my head there were depressions already on the
head where I was to drill the new holes. If you have the two bolt valve cover you may have to drill and tap all the bolt holes. The next
thing is the depth of your new holes. I was able to look at the included bolts in my kit to measure about how far to drill/tap. I
suggest that you call up Clifford and have then tell you what size bolts to use and how far to drill. (If you drill to far you may drill into
the water jacket or worse.) While you are at it have them fax you a copy of the directions, but I will continue. After you have the
holes all done you should be able to get your gasket out and make sure everything lines up. I have had to expand some of the bolt
holes in the gasket in order to get the bolt through it. I suggest that you use allen bolt (internal hex) bolts on the head as you will
not have enough room to work with a wrench more then likely (especially at the back of the head), also there may not be enough
room to get an external hex socket over the bolt head. Don't overtighten as aluminum will crack or distort on you.
One other bit of advice, if you order the Clifford catalog get in writing that they are going to send you a new catalog. I ordered a "new"
catalog from them last year and I recieved the 95" catalog. I was rather pissed off. At least the prices were still current. Otherwise
I think that Clifford really knows its stuff. If you still need it I will try and dig up my directions with those hole depths.
Good Luck,

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It's been a while since I subjected myself to only having 6 cylinders./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif I had an '83 engine with the
Clifford valve cover. All the holes were already there and as I remember it, I used self-tapping bolts in
them. I've got a used Clifford that I will sell if you really want one.
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Thanks TAZ but what I went through to get this one...I'm using it

I installed a clifford v/c on my '86 258. Tell me what your v/c came with. It should have come with new bolts, v/c gasket, gasket sealant, and instructions.

Anyway, if you have to tap out the holes: As you look at the engine from the front, there will be three holes on the right side of the block. They are about 1/4 inch deep. They are in perfect position for your new v/c. The only others I had to tap out were the ones in front and rear, as i remember. Any other questions let me know.


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