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Clifford=Cold Start no power

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It has been about 35 degrees here for the last couple of days, and as luck (bad luck) would have it, I start the Jeep and there is no power. Taz mentioned that the Clifford was known to rub on the rockers and cause this…Is there a fix other then going back to that plastic valve cover? What can I do? After the Jeep reaches normal operating

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I think you cut yourself off. Was that going to say after the Jeep reaches normal operating temperature,
it is fine? Sounds familiar.

Don't let the fact that I predicted it prejudges you, make sure that's the problem. I could be the choke
or something else. To check the Clifford, remove the cover and look for scrape marks on the inside. If
there are scrapes, that's at least part of the problem. You could try grinding it out with a die grinder or a
Dremel tool where the scrapes appear but it's rather thin and you don't want to ruin it. You could try
pushing it toward the side that need the clearance when you tighten it down. BEWARE - if it's touching
on the valve side and not the pushrod side, you could pop a valve spring keeper and have real trouble.

Anyone want to buy my used Clifford aluminum valve cover for a 258? Looks great, black with aluminum
ribs. Seals much better than the plastic. Buyer should live in tropical climate.

LOL so did you go back to plastic?

No, I went to metal on both sides of a TPI 305 Chevy. Kind of an expensive fix though.

i had that same problem with one of my old 258's... i got a metal valve cover off an old jeep straight doesn't look as nice and you have to drill one hole in it, but anything is better than that plastic one!.it worked great till i swapped to a 360.............

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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