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CJDAVE/Anybody know Part 2

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O.K. I tried to get a better look at my neighbors wagoneer. It is a wagoneer and it has a 4 wheel drive badge on the back quarter panel. I couldnt get over the fence cause of the dogs but I got out my 10X25 binocs and it looks like the pumpkin is on the drivers side. Couldn't see the back. Any body have any clues? Does the pumpkin location give a clue to vintage? And does that vintage have D44'S front and rear? Thanks.

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Not that I'm adding any value here, but...
Why all the clandestine spying on the Wagoneer? Are you going to swap the stuff out when your neighbor isn't home?
Why don't you just go ask what it has or ask to look at it?
Sorry, I just thought that that seemed a little silly...but more fun I guess.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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