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CJDAVE/Anybody know Part 2

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O.K. I tried to get a better look at my neighbors wagoneer. It is a wagoneer and it has a 4 wheel drive badge on the back quarter panel. I couldnt get over the fence cause of the dogs but I got out my 10X25 binocs and it looks like the pumpkin is on the drivers side. Couldn't see the back. Any body have any clues? Does the pumpkin location give a clue to vintage? And does that vintage have D44'S front and rear? Thanks.

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I can't swear on this, but I think all of the older Q-tracks and Dana's were on the passenger side...
If it's on the drivers side, the most common would be a new process of one variety or another...

I'm not really up on T-cases, so I'm no expert....

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