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i'm looking for hard door latches for a CJ7. i need the part that mounts to body and holds the hard door shut. does anyone know where i can buy this, or maybe have a set they dont need? mine is a 78 CJ7 and the doors are from an 86 CJ7.


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Um, you might have a problem, here. My '84cj7 hard doors catch on a striker that is mounted to plate which mounts to the body. My '80cj7's body won't accept the plates without modifications. This can be seen even in Bestop's part #'s for the supertop (check 4wd hardware catalog) - the doors either have latches for the later round striker or they have a slider catch that simply slides behind the door edge.

When I put my '84 supertop on my '80, I welded a piece of barstock to the inside of the door opening. It's not pretty, but it does hold the door shut until I can do something better - like get the right latches for the doors.

With the hard doors, you'll have to do something similar. You might start with the 4wd Hardware catalog, I think they list the late model hard door striker mounts, but it will take fabricating.

Has anyone else done this?

I wouldn't mind being able to swap an assortment of tops back & forth between a 80cj7 & 84cj7, myself.


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I have been told that the complete brace for the later CJ is still available from your local JEEP dealer. You would have to remove the existing triangular bracket that goes from the wheelwell to the doorframe opening and then weld in the new brace (and re-paint). You would also need the bracket the latchpin mounts to as well as the latchpin. All should be available new. Option Two involves removing a complete assembly from a boneyard CJ and welding to your 78. Option two also gives you a really good excuse to purchase a new 24 volt cordless sawzall for the removal. Those things are truly awesome!

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