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Hi folks,

the CJ6 buildup is progressing (i will post piccies tomorrow) and i have a Q:

we will bolt up a D18 transfer behind the Mazda-engine-tranny-transfer-combo (duan transfer-setup).

The mazda transfer has a front passenger-drop and exits in the center in the rear (where we will bolt up the D18).

This setup allows me (theoretically) to run a pto winch from the Mazda pass.side drop (to the front), as i can put the D18 in neutral. At the same time i could run the winch AND the tires (if needed)

how tuff to do is this?
what are the basic ingredients? pto-cardan, winch, and a straight line from transfer to winch
what are my winch options (the only ones i know are TLC-models)any other models?

somethings tells me that pto winches are scarce as hen´s teeth, cost a fortune and are not worth the hassle...

it would be a COOL setup (at least a 9,5 on my 1-10 coolness scale :eek:)

any opinions welcome...

thanks for sharing your thoughts,

ps: plan B would be to cut a deal w/ my GF, and buy here taller BFG´s and take out the warn 8K from her trooper in return ;o)

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