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CJ5 running gear to a CJ7 frame and body

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Hi guys, I saw the artcile on the CJ to YJ swap, which leads me to ask you this question:

I got a bud who has excellent CJ5 running gear but the frame and body is toast. What would be involved with putting the 5 running gear(motor, tranny and front and rear diffs) in a donor 7 frame and body?

Thanks, Bill

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There shouldnt be any issues really . I believe you`ll need a longer rear driveshaft ( CJ7 is 11 inches longer rearwards than the 5`s ) . There are subtle differences in firewalls between 76 - 86 tubs. For example , if the CJ7 tub is an 83 w/ 4 cyl , then it used a hydraulic clutch , a pre 80 CJ didnt , they used manual linkage . Little issues like that will(may come up ) . Do your research and watch this board but I dont see it as being a problem . IMO


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