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Hi Guys ( and Jeep Chicks)

I bought this 79 CJ5 and am wanting to put a suspension lift in . The Jeep
sits fairly decent right now ( by my standards) and has 31 " tires on it . I
figure its stock height . My friend seen this guy who has a 80 CJ5 and
he says his springs have been arced 2 inches and it sits about the same as
mine(he has 31`s too) . Does anyone know what the clearance is say between level ground and
the bottom of the frame for a stock 79 CJ5 ? Any info would be great .
THANKS . By the way from level ground to the very bottom of my frame it
measures 16 inches.



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Not all 31" tires are the same height.......mine are approximately 6 3/4" from the ground to the bottom of the rim.

I measured my frame from the ground to the bottom of the frame just behind the front spring hanger. It measured out at 16", but I know that my springs are sagging a bit........maybe a 1/2" or more.

Your friends re-arched springs have probably sagged. Re-arching doesn't last long on old springs. A guy at a spring shop told me they will last maybe a year.

You can gain back a little height by re-building your springs. Mine gained a half inch of free standing height by just grinding off the rust. I got still more back when I finished painting them, installed Nylon pads (Teflon is suppose to be better) and new rubber bushings. It also gave me a softer ride and better articulation.

'77 CJ5 Fozzy Locker
20 degree RTI 1250
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