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Well I got my 2.5" lift put on my CJ5 today. I've always had a steep rear driveshaft. Is this normal for a CJ5. I mean its incredibly steep for being stock with the t-case lowered about an inch. With the lift I put on the 2.5 degree shims that came with the kit and now I hear the driveshaft binding/rubbing. I plan on lowering the t-case more but would like to eventually remove the lowering plates to get my ground clearance back. What would be the easiest way to fix this. How much would a CV driveshaft actually help? The rig is going to be only for trail with occasional pavement driving.


CV shaft would solve the binding with big enough shims to point pinion at or slightly below the transcase. i will guess the 2.5 degree shims are not enough. don't stack shims.

87yj,6cly,5spd,NP231,4.5"RE susp,1" body,SYE,CV,32x11.50MTR's,D30,D35posi
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