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look im new to the jeep expirence and i was wondering if you guys can offer some help? I bought a 73 cj5 it has a 350 32 tires
I love the way it runs and everything.I just ordered a bds suspension system to kill some of the rough handling...
the guy who had it before me welded metal plates for shackles so that has to go.the problem im having now is
when i take off i hear avery audibe clunk especially around corners.Now all my vehicle before were motorcycles
but a guy ran ared light and i no longer can operate a bike. So basically this is my first non two wheel vehicle in ten years
any help would be appreciated


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When you bought the cj did the seller tell you it had a locker in the rear?
Without hearing it it sounds like it. A locker will make a noise when it
engages or disengages, like around corners.
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