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I am trying to put together my 1970 cj5 because it was partially dismanltled when I bought it. I can't figure out how to attach the gas pedal to the firewall and what sort of linkage I need to buy to go from the carter 4barrel on a
chevy 350 to the gas pedal assembly. The only parts that I have are the pedal assembly and the bracket that goes
on the back of the carb.
If anyone has a diagram or a picture or can just explain this to me that would be killer.

thanks for any help you can give


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I am working on this very problem with mine. I have a Buick 225 with a Qjet. The problem with mine is that the pedal the PO used had way too long a throw and was mounted in such a way that my ankle would cramp up immediately. He used a piece of threaded (1/4x28 NF) rod with a turnbuckle end at the pedal lever and a throttle linkage end at the carb. The rod goes straight through the firewall level with the carb and connects to the lever from the pedal. It would all be fine if the pedal lever was differant. I am going to the junkyard saturday to see if I can find something that will work better. I can take some pictures when I'm done. You could also use a cable setup from a later CJ. That may be what you have. There is a cable that would mount on the fire wall and the carb.

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heres what yours originally should have had. my books kind worn, so the picture sucks. i would probably try to use a later cj or wrangler type pedal and cable. would not be too tough, and for sure would work better. i have a pedal, and possibly a cable off an 87 wrangler i think. i'll have to go out back in the daylight and make sure. you anywhere near florida?

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thanks for all the info fellas. I am going to head out to a salvage yard this afternoon and see what i can find. The main thing I am worried about is how the pedal that I have attaches to the floor or firewall. After that I think I can find some linkage that will do the trick.
Happy trails

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