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Hey, I'm doing a 350 swap in my 65 CJ5. I've got most of the parts to start, but i'm not sure what to do about the radiator. I think Advance Adaptors recomends cutting out the front crossmember and replacing it with structural tubing moved up a couple of inches so it's under the grille. Do I need to swap in a later model grille to fit aftermarket radiators and is it necessary to move the front crossmember?



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I agree with advance on changing the front crossmember. It is prone to cracks anyway and moving it forward
will allow for a taller radiator. I would recommend a good crossflow radiator. Check in Jeg's, Summit, etc.
They have aluminum ones that are fairly inexpensive, around $200. You don't have to change grills if you
want to keep the vintage look of the original, but you will have to cut the shroud back. I would recommend
building brackets that support the radiator independent of the grill. The front fenders and grill flex a lot on early
CJ-s and less chance of ruining a new radiator. Plus it opens up more options down the road.If you want
to change to a later model grill they make a radiator to bolt to existing mounts with the proper outlets.
I would recommend the '76 and newer grill because the marker lights and other miscellaneous parts are
still available. I don't know if the radiator will clear your fan or pulleys with the short fenders by using the
late grill. Probably. Make sure you use the short water pump and appropriate pulleys. You will also need
the smallest diameter distributor you can find to keep it from hitting the firewall. They do fit but are tight.
Good luck. Nickmil.


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I had a 283 in a '61 CJ-5 in which I used a '69 V8 Nova radiator (crossflow type) that I got from the local self-serve yard for $40. I built a frame out of angle iron and threaded rod that clamped the tanks,top and bottom, using the original Chevy rubber mounts. I used rubber shock absorber bushings with pieces of angle iron bolted to the frame rails to support the lower bracket, 4 pieces of threaded rod on the front and rear of the radiator, to adjust the clamping of the tanks, that joined the lower mount to the upper mount. The upper half was located with the original radiator/grill support rods. It was not attatched to the grille at all. This allowed maximum flex without stressing the radiator. I used all of the acessories,pulleys, waterpump,fan and brackets off of a V8 Chevy Monza. They have a short waterpump, and the alt and P.S. pump mounted up high on the block so I could run the motor mount plate on the front of the block. The front crossmember must be removed and a new one made forward of the grille. I modified the original grille by removing the radiator supports and welding a piece of angle iron to the lower edge and using a body mount rubber biscuit between it and a tab welded onto the front crossmember. A stock points type distributor fit fine. I drove the Jeep for 3 years this way with no problems, before I sold it to purchase my CJ8. Hope this helps, good luck.

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