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CJ5 body mount info

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Anyone have any information on body mount hole locations on a cj5 (76-83') frame? Rust disintegrated mine, and I don't have any way of acurately transferrring them from my tub.

Lugnut 77' CJ5
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Are you just repairing the floor or changing the entire tub? If replacing the tub then set it on the frame, measure and center it carefully, then mark the holes from underneath, remove tub, and drill. If just trying to patch the floor without removing the tub then you can get to some of them and just drill from underneath, the rest you will have to carefully measure and drill from above. You can always drill a small reference hole near where you know that the mount will be and then measure from it and patch the hole with welding rod or silicon or epoxy. Be carefull of fuel, vent, and brake lines along the frame.

The Grim Jeeper!
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