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CJ5 Ball Joints.

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o.k.... I'm not new to mechanics, just to front ends. I'm going to replace the upper and lower ball joints in my front end ('78 CJ5) . The chilton book shows some special tools required to install these. I've been told that I just need a BIG F***ING HAMMER. I believe this is true but still looking for any advice I can get.
Anyone?? Please add your two cents....


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I believe that the D30 and D44 are very similar (if not identical) with the balljoints... In re-building my d44 for the swap, I installed new balljoints along with almost every other component... I had the fortune however to be able to manhandle my entire axle tube, making it very easy to get decent leverage.... But even then I found a slege and a 1" cold chisel were the tools of choice... Just beat'em until they pop. The upper ball coming out of the inside knuckle was the worst, I beat on it 6-7 times, changed where the chisel was pointed, and it just poped out... Good luck doing it on the jeep, swinging that hammer upward, and missing the jeep while getting enough force on the ball joint is going to be a trick... Try the autoparts store. Autozone gives free rental of equipment, the ball joint installer / remover was like $40 deposit, and you get it all back when you return it... being I could beat on the axle from anywhich way, I figured it'd be easier, and doing it again I'd say it would be, but doing it in the jeep is another story. Try and rent/borrow/'borrow'/ or otherwise aquire the balljoint tool. its basically a specialised puller... g-luck

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