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I used poly bushings for a CJ when I did this swap. The bolts are different sizes (CJ vs YJ) so if you buy a set with bolts you will have to change them. The YJ poly mounts didn't fit the frame correctly if I remember right. (I had a set of them first).

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]

Im finishing this swap now
Got a 89 Yj mounted on my 84 CJ frame
I got the CJ body bushings cause the hole sizes will work better
I got a 2" YJ lift kit because the threads are different in the tubs
Some of the bolts are different sizes and I did myself a favor and did it this way
I wrote a short project summery on this forem called Project YJ-7
hope this helps

If I can help out
[email protected]
let me know
Also Jeepskate did this swap also
He helped me out

Vice president New England 4x4
Yankee Toys
Eastern 4 Wheelers
East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Assoc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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